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SEA Energy Associates Ltd.

Sea Energy Associates Ltd. (SEA) was created in 1975, following a previous energy crisis that occurred in 1973/74, to pursue research and development in wave energy. The company sponsored a research group, with the help of government and industrial grants, at Coventry University (formally Polytechnic) to develop a series of wave energy devices. A major programme of work on wave energy was funded for 17 years through the then Department of Energy and the UK became the leading country in wave energy technology. The programme was managed by a Wave Energy Steering Committee and the many device teams benefited from the coordinated approach managed by the Energy Technology Support Unit at Harwell. After 1990, fossil fuels became plentiful and cheap and investment in renewable energy virtually disappeared. In 1992, with the lack of worldwide interest in wave energy, the SEA-Coventry team turned its attention to other renewable technologies.

In 2007, some members of the original SEA-Coventry research team realised that marine energy was back in fashion and the reports on the current front runners in wave energy technology suggested that the SEA Clam concept was still a competitive design. During 2008, the SEA Clam design was reviewed and new design features developed. The company, Sea Energy Associates Ltd., was resurrected and the SEA-Coventry team resumed development work.

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